In-Conversation with Chirag Jha

Akhil Sutaria: hi

Chirag Jha: Hi

Akhil Sutaria: how r u ?

Chirag Jha: fine

Akhil Sutaria: good to know

Chirag Jha: how is going with you?

Akhil Sutaria: how is zazi doing ?

Akhil Sutaria: we are occupied with organising and conducting film shows ..

Chirag Jha: ya, that is real good activity you are doing

Akhil Sutaria: a fresh calendar for Dec 2010 will cove as many as 197 schools of Valsad

Chirag Jha: good,

Chirag Jha: Suggestion: This time use your people and camera, add 2 or 3 camera and create
Gujarati Documentry on “Vikas”, if you need any help let me know.

Akhil Sutaria: A good idea..

Akhil Sutaria: but finally it comes to a “cost”

Chirag Jha: i was hoping to see your Gujarat Travel as Documentry

Chirag Jha: yup, COST is best way to find enovation : Chirag

Akhil Sutaria: yeh … u r right me too wanted to make it that way… but I dont ask for it …. simple accept with honour whatever comes. simply*

Chirag Jha: that is good, but look around difference between “shadhu” and big “Temple Mgmt Sadhu” if you fogure out COST part you can double up your activity with additonal advantage of doing Documentry a area you really want to go one day. *figure

Akhil Sutaria: true I guess am not as good as at mktg or sales I need some one to sell “ME” …. lols

Chirag Jha: good mktd anf good sales is myth, you must sell your self

Akhil Sutaria: how ?

Chirag Jha: do you know what youcan offer ??

Akhil Sutaria: / about us

Akhil Sutaria: / margdarshan

Chirag Jha: there is a new TV in Gujarat, taruntv do you know that?

Akhil Sutaria: yeh

Akhil Sutaria: he seems to be following my foot prints …

Akhil Sutaria: my friend

Akhil Sutaria: tarun banker

Chirag Jha: yup

Akhil Sutaria: an editor of guj tabloid weekly in bharuch

Chirag Jha: ya

Chirag Jha: so TV looks like good market

Akhil Sutaria: he made dikari devo bhava

Chirag Jha: Gijarat Govt. also helps i think for Documentary i just know as recv. few email when he created DDB

Akhil Sutaria: Guj govt helps only if we blow their trumpets

Chirag Jha: reallly

Akhil Sutaria: on facebook one mrs Bhuta is singing NM’s songs.

Akhil Sutaria: yeh

Akhil Sutaria: what is seen is not reality

Chirag Jha: who is mrs bhuta?

Akhil Sutaria: we have travelled 4350 kms

Chirag Jha: ya

Akhil Sutaria: and touched and seen reality its in no way a swarnim gujarat as far as villages are concerned

Chirag Jha: really??

Akhil Sutaria: NM has done extremely well for cities and industries but nothin for em who live in Villages except announcing straight financial helps…

Chirag Jha: wow,real bad news, and good observation on your side.

Akhil Sutaria: MONEY cant change LIFE unless its USE as well is planned.

Chirag Jha: agree

Akhil Sutaria: dept of information keeps blowing …. various plans and yojanas from guj govt … via print and emedia

Chirag Jha: humm

Chirag Jha: so its Media Mejic

Akhil Sutaria: people FEEL that wow… so many things are happening …. but they do not THINK on words appearing in the advts.

Akhil Sutaria: media is a sold or bought product / service.

Chirag Jha: surprise

Akhil Sutaria: I can pay media to make them write what I want or I can pay them for NOT wrting what I dont want !!! everything has become commercial now..

Chirag Jha: ok

Akhil Sutaria: I make use of SMS / Mailer – circular to reach my target audience.

Akhil Sutaria: principals of schools / colleges

Chirag Jha: o that is good

Akhil Sutaria: but still its not that effective.

Chirag Jha: do you use 3rd party software to send sms or using your own phone

Akhil Sutaria: the program details as pdf file on my website has been mailed to each school as hard copy mail.

Chirag Jha: good

Akhil Sutaria: out of 197 … since 12.nov.2010 only 8 people have responded !!! so far.

Chirag Jha: i know peopel, 8 response is not bad

Akhil Sutaria: we have planned dec 1st to dec 25 to be a period for all 5 taluka places in Valsad district.

Chirag Jha: ok

Chirag Jha: what are you doing with valsadsamachar?

Akhil Sutaria: trying to earn some money … but miserably failed.

Chirag Jha: why?

Akhil Sutaria: people dont want to place advertise on the net !!!

Akhil Sutaria: cant understand why..

Chirag Jha: as far as I know there are no major newpaper from valsad/vapi area

Chirag Jha: all newpapers comes from surat

Akhil Sutaria: there are few now

Chirag Jha: so how is your different?

Chirag Jha: are you using your own staff for news??

Akhil Sutaria: mine is not a news paper

Chirag Jha: ok

Akhil Sutaria: its just a web presence

Chirag Jha: but i see some news there including your video

Akhil Sutaria: have embeded ustreaming via cellphone …

Akhil Sutaria: for live webcast

Chirag Jha: wow, lots of technology

Akhil Sutaria: yeh I am fond of making use of latest

Chirag Jha: that is good

Akhil Sutaria: did u see the last recorded LIVE episode of Jalaram Jayanti ?

Akhil Sutaria:

Chirag Jha: ya

Chirag Jha: just finish

Akhil Sutaria: k

Akhil Sutaria: may I am still learning use of control pannel from my cellphone.. keypad being with small buttons bit difficult to use.

Chirag Jha: ya

Akhil Sutaria: but the bottom line I enjoy.

Akhil Sutaria: people do get surprized and stay amazed !!! — and that is my oscar !!

Chirag Jha: yup, if that is all you want what you are doing is absolutly correct.

Akhil Sutaria: when I webcast LIVE from studio …. people can chat with me via chat box and if they wish I can Invite them as a co-host as well.

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